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Taking Her Lead

Hello wonderful listeners! It’s Episode 25 time! Brooke, you will find, is a champion. Against a staggering pile of odds, she not only became the best version of herself, but she became a very successful leader in very demanding roles in such a fashion that she truly inspires those she works with. A generous soul. Generous to others even when she had little from which to give. Generous toward herself, producing strong self-reliance and stability. Get ready to be inspired. We are so grateful for the time we got to spend with her. Brooke is currently in the role of Global Stock Plan Operations Project Management Director of a Fortune 100 company, a Health Scientist, Board Member and Volunteer for The Relationship Foundation, and trauma blogger helping others build resiliency.

Tune in as Brooke provides us valuable information on how our Adverse Childhood Experiences can impact our overall health and mental health. Brooke shares her personal experiences with trauma and how she discovered ACES. Brooke shares a personal blog about her trauma, to read her story go to

Beauteous Me

Reframing Resilience with Brooke

In this episode Brooke joins us to discuss childhood and personal trauma, our mental health knowledge, men and mental health and what we consider resilience to be.

Eventbrite – How to Bounce Back After Emotional Trauma

Tools to help you: Get out of survival mode, Stop Ruminating Thoughts, Overcome Self-Esteem Without a Support System and Neuroplasticity Exercises

What’s Y0ur Trauma Recovery Story?

Do you have a story you’d like to share about overcoming emotional trauma in your life? If you’re interested in sharing your path to become indomitable to help others, message me here: